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Before posting please make sure to thoroughly read the community info page as it is full of information you may need to know.

Looking for a Beta.

Genre: Slash (often very explicit), angst, domestic, BDSM & dub-con, AU sort of, fluff, kid!fic, established LTR

Pairings or Characters: Primarily Theta/Koschei with occasional forays into other Doctor/Master combinations.

Warnings: some BDSM & dub-con/non-con. some stories can be pretty angsty. most have very explicit sex, some peer-age underage sexuality.

Type of beta you'd like: some grammar, some canon (although this is an AU, I've used canon to base things on), style, continuity, maybe some help working out a couple of sticky plot points

Length: a series of a couple of dozen short stories (200-6000 words each), in narrative, epistolary, and diary form. Can do all or some. No need to commit to the whole series.

Short Summary: This primarily takes place place during the early lives of the Doctor and the Master, from their birth to their split. Approximately 300 years are covered. There are a few stories that take place either within canon times or post-EoT.

Theta and Koschei have known each other since the day Theta was born. Theta's mother & Koschei's nurse are Human sisters living on Gallifrey. So the boys grew up together their entire lives, eventually becoming lovers, marrying, and raising a family. Most stories take place during their Academy years (8-100), Graduate school years (100-200), and early careers (200-300ish).

I'm hovering on the border of doing a major retcon-rewrite-reedit of my series. I'm looking for a beta to go over already finished work to help me get better and figure out what I'm doing wrong, where I could improve, and what could use some editing/polishing. I'm looking to learn from things I've already written

Beta wanted :)

Genre: Drama/Angst/Romance/Hurt/Comfort (psychological, mostly), for sure. Also AU after "Vincent and the Doctor." Maybe deathfic (but with good reason for the story)? 
Pairings or Characters: Eleven, Amy, Rory
Warnings: Angsty. Respectful of Rory and Amy's relationship, but not good for it. Possibly NC17 if I get up the courage, but maybe not.
Type of beta you'd like: Mostly characterization and plot, a bit of canon perhaps. I'm usually decent at spelling/grammar, so not too much there.
Length: Multi-chapter, estimated number of words in the tens of thousands, but the low end. I currently have about 6K, and I'd estimate about 1/4 of the story, maybe a bit less. But I know where I'm going, haha.
Short SummaryEveryone has to trust at least someone, the psychiatrist says to her. Not me, she thinks. Not Amy Pond. Not the girl with no mother or father. Not the girl who sleeps alone in a big house at night. Not the girl who waited twelve years in her garden for a man who promised her five minutes.

So... I started out really intrigued by the fact that Amy had to see so many psychiatrists as a child. And I found myself wondering what those meetings were like. And how the very human act of abandonment was made different by the alien aspects of the Doctor and who he is - a time traveler, brilliant and hopelessly lonely. I'm really in to Eleven's psychological motivations in caring for Amy, and in Amy's psychological motivations for following him, for her obsession with him, and how the cracks in time and space affected her directly. I was also just a bit bothered by some of the ways the cracks in time and space were resolved - I just wanted to see what I could come up with if I took a different tack.

I'm trying to build the type of story I love to read - good plot, good romance, good angst, and something long enough to really sink your teeth in to. The plot involves some historical travel, some interesting (I think, at least :) ) alien problems, plenty of drama and angst, but also a happy ending. I have worked out the plot entirely, but I would love to get someone else's opinion about that, as well as my characterization of Amy and the Doctor. My big warning is that this story pays respect to Amy and Rory's relationship, but it is an Eleven/Amy romance. But I believe it is lazy writing to not figure out how to get around Rory, so I've done that. So... I don't necessarily think someone who is a big fan of Rory won't like this story (I actually really like him, myself) but I want you to know he's not really the main focus going in.

I have two short stories posted on my lj peonyinblue  if you want to check out my writing - they weren't beta'd, so you can expect their quality to be of the level of the drafts I'll be sending you, if you are so kind as to help out. Thanks!

Need beta for a Ten/Rose fic!

Genre: Het, Angst
Pairings or Characters:  Ten/Rose
Warnings:  Some swearing
Type of beta you'd like: Plot, plot, plot!  Style, characterization.  Grammar and spelling aren't such a big issue, but I certainly won't refuse help with those!
Length: Two chapters have already been posted, it's the third I'm having trouble with.  Currently the third chapter is about 1,500 words, but I imagine it'll be around 2,500 when complete.
Short Summary:  [She went deep into the ship. Further than she’d ever gone. She didn’t know what she was expecting.]

Previous two chapters can be read on Teaspoon, fanfiction.net, or here on my LJ.  Basically, I know where this story is going, but I'm unsure at the moment how chapter 3 sounds, and I'm reluctant to continue with the style until I know it's working.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you'll give it a chance!

need a quick beta read

 The story is actually Torchwood, Jack, far before and shortly after CoE, mostly revolving around himself and his daughter. I'm just looking for a quick spelling/grammar check to get it ready for submission to teaspoon and the piece is approximately 1300 words. If you'd like to take a look at it it's over at my writing journal. It's Unicorn Song, the one at the top. Thanks and have a great day!
Genre: Life. Including: Action, Humor, Drama, Babyfic, Slash, Het, Moresome, Smut, AU, Hurt/comfort

Pairings or Characters:Rose/10, Donna/Jack, 9/Jack and others less important to the overall plot. Pretty much every major character from Journey's End, End of Time and the main Torchwood characters show up. Like life, the relationships are complicated.

Warnings: If you can't stand babies, just don't bother. Contains smut, incidental to plot. Graphic birth scenes. Some stuff may be triggering (i.e. pregnancy loss, child death)

Type of beta you'd like: Brit-picking! I have several betas based in the US. I really, really need someone to britpick. The story has been already gone over by at least one beta reader, but I'm always open to suggestions of wordings, improvement of character voice, etc.

Length: So far 215,000 words, this will be broken into 4 shorter novels. The series is at least 3/4 done.

Short Summary: What if Rose had gone with 10 instead of 10.5, and what if Donna could have been saved intact? A fixit starting from the end of DW 4.13 and spanning through the End of Time. Includes mention of SJA characters but not more than you'd get from watching Journey's End, really. You really MUST have seen up through the end of David Tennant's era, and all of Torchwood to date for this to make sense. Includes healing the Master and Jack post-COE. This deals with some hard stuff, but in a finding-peace sort of way.

Plz to email me at jenrose at jenrose dot com to ask to be added to the google doc folder the story is in for closed beta.

Looking for a long-term beta

I'm new to the Who fandom, and I have a couple of different things in progress right now. What I need most is someone that is willing to help in multiple stages--brainstorming, in-progress, draft, etc.

Genre: Action/humor/character study/AU/romance
Pairings or Characters: For the fics in progress, one is a John Smith!Doctor/Jack with Martha set in the Human Nature timeframe, one is a crossover with Stargate: Atlantis involving Ten and Donna mostly set on Atlantis for syfybigbang; I also have a dwsanta fic I can't discuss but would love help with ;) As for what I tend to write, I lean toward writing or wanting to write Ten, Jack, Rose, Donna, Martha, Ianto, Amy, and Eleven, with pairings of Ten/Jack, Jack/Ianto, Ten/Rose, or Amy/Eleven with a good helping of genfic in there for taste.
Warnings: slash, that's about it, really
Type of beta you'd like: Mostly brainstorm, grammar (I am addicted to the m-dash), plot, and canon--the latter in particular. I'm not steeped in the lore yet!
Length: anywhere from 500 words to 20,000.

Short Summary:
Human Nature fic: Martha Jones is hurt while fending off one of the Family of Blood, and can't watch after the human Doctor. She decides to send the letter he'd left with her as a last resort--the one addressed to a Captain Jack Harkness. Jack/John Smith!Doctor, character study, adventure, friendship.

SyFyBigBang fic: A lonely Doctor ends up on Atlantis to find the very person he misses the most--Donna Noble. Meanwhile, John Sheppard is missing in action. Can Rodney help restore Donna at the same time the Doctor helps restore John Sheppard? Rodney/Donna, humor, adventure, romance--post-S4.

I'll be candid and say that I don't have a hell of a lot written yet, but I think this is because I've come to really enjoy (and depend) on the power of a good beta to talk over things with; that's something I have for SGA but not as much for Who, and that's what I'm looking for. My journal looks very Stargate-oriented but I'm definitely a Who fan looking to branch out. Edit: I should add I don't need hand-holding as much as I need a sounding board... I'm very appreciative of any and all help, I promise!

(Deleted and re-posted after my once-and-never-again attempt to use the Rich Text editing feature, my apologies)

Seeking a beta

Genre: Drama/AU
Pairings or Characters: alt!Rory, alt!Amy, alt!Rory/alt!Amy, Rose
Warnings: None
Type of beta you'd like: A bit of everything; characterization, plot, grammar, etc. I also need some Britpick.
Length: Stand-alone, just under 11,000 words
Short Summary: Nine year old Rory Williams’ life is changed forever when he meets a blonde woman trying to close a crack in the wall of reality.
Additional Notes: This fic is sort of an alternative version of "The Eleventh Hour", with the roles of Amelia and Eleven filled by alt!Rory and Rose respectively, but it's not an AU per se; it's set pre-"Turn Left" from Rose's perspective. It's also set in Pete's World hence the alt versions of Rory and Amy. They're not that different from their main counterparts so they can be beta'd like regular Rory and Amy. If you're interested in betaing but have been utterly confused by anything from the above, I'll do my best to explain in greater detail. Thank you!


Beta: light_frost

Doctors you can beta for:
Nine, Ten, Eleven (with any companion related to those Doctors)
Doctors you can't beta for: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight. I'm not terribly familiar with the classic series...
Torchwood: Yes, anything. :)
Sarah Jane Adventures: No
Big Finish: No
Books: No
Genres you can beta: I'll beta for almost any story
Things you will not read/beta for: M-preg
Beta strengths: Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, flow, and dialogue
Beta weaknesses: None that I know of
Lengths of fic you are comfortable with: I'm comfortable with any length, so long as it is, say, not the length of a novel.
Any other necessary information you want to add: I haven't officially beta'd for anyone yet, but I do edit my friend's original fiction stories.
Wanted: Beta reader, temporary or permanent.
Genre is a Gen/Action AU from the end of Season 2 and part of a series of fics.
Characters featured are Ten, Martha, and Jo Grant, as well as several OCs.
No warnings for this story.

I need a beta who can hear/read and correct Ten's voice in a rant or argument. My writer's block has been stalled on this story for over two years because I cannot write a good Oncoming Storm threatening monologue. It's possible that I may ask for help actually writing the scene.

The story itself is nearly 20k words and still unfinished, but unless as a beta you request to read the entire thing, I'll only give you the current WIP section featuring any information necessary to the situation.

Read more...Collapse )

I just don't think I can do the rant justice, not after so long not-writing. And, if the situation interests you enough, I'd be happy to let whomever betas that section to read the full story as it is up to that point.

I'm not sure if using the Kesomon in this story is self-insertion or Mary Suing, but I should probably warn whoever betas to look out for that too. I want to do things right.

beta needed (Torchwood)

Genre: Action, with a bit of drama, humor, and a tiny bit of romance, AU but just because Tosh/Ianto/Owen are still alive
Pairings or Characters: Torchwood team, and OC's (Jack and Ianto's daughters, Gwen and Rhys' son, and other OC characters), established Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys
Warnings: None
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, plot, characterization, someone who will be kind, but tell me if something doesn't quite flow right, or if one of the OC's is starting to seem mary-sueish.
Length: It's a WIP, but it's about 12,000 now, and will end up being at least 15,000
Short Summary: Bronwyn Harkness-Jones is Jack and Ianto's 16 year old daughter, who is chosen to be a slayer. This is basically the story of her life, with an apocolypse for added thrill. Similar to any season of DW/TW/Buffy, life with a big bang at the end of the season.

(Knowledge of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is needed, no original characters from the show or anything, I'm just borrowing the idea of a slayer/watcher/demons etc. It's a fic for the Torchwood Big Bang, so I'd kind of like to start getting it beta'd ASAP, so it'll be perfected and ready in a month or so.)