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Looking for a Beta

Genre: Drama; (some Action and h/c or "Doctor Whump")
Pairings or Characters: Eleven, Rose, 10.5 (Also: Martha, Jack, Amy, Rory, Gwen, John Hart)
Warnings: Nothing that hasn't already been seen in the show. One swear word half-way through.
Type of beta you'd like: Britpic; plot/canon. (I already have a grammar/spelling Beta so you wouldn't need to do nitpicky, time-consuming stuff.)
Length: Multi-chapter/Novel-length… 58,000 words
Short Summary: There are those who wish to hold the Doctor accountable for some of the things he has done primarily during his tenth incarnation. When the Metacrisis Doctor returns with Rose from the other universe, he is captured and put on trial for various crimes including genocide. Can Rose and Eleven save him? How does the case affect Eleven who is also, in effect, on trial? How does the unexpected return to the Tardis and to the original Doctor affect Rose?

Extra information: This story takes place during the beginning of the gap between the fifth and sixth seasons of New Who (June 26 - July 10, 2010). While the main genre is drama, this story is also an introspective look at decisions the Doctor has made in the past both with solving problems, and with how he treats those around him. It also looks at how both Doctors have developed since the metacrisis, each with very different circumstances and events shaping their characters.

If you would like to have an idea of my writing style, these are some stories I have written in the past:
Brown Coat
Move On
Stranded on the Shore This is most likely the closest in tone and writing style to the new fic, and some elements of 10.5 and Rose's relationship as explored here are inherited by the new fic. However, it is not necessary to read that story in order to read or beta the new one.


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