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Looking for a beta...

Genre: Het, Angst
Pairings or Characters: Ten/Rose
Warnings: Some swearing
Type of beta you'd like: Plot, plot, plot! Style, characterization. Grammar and spelling aren't such a big issue, but I certainly won't refuse help with those!
Length: Three chapters already posted.  Need help with fourth chapter which is approximately 2,000 words at the moment - it could possibly double.
Short Summary: [She went deep into the ship. Further than she’d ever gone. She didn’t know what she was expecting.]

Previous chapters of my story can be read on TeaspoonFF, and on my journal.  

I've decided I have enough of Chapter Four to be looked at by a beta.  It is quite rough.  And not completely complete...

I started this story last autumn, and this is the first time I've been really able to sink my teeth back in.  So I'm afraid the style won't flow well between three and four.  I just really want to get this done - finally.  Thanks for your time!
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Neet a Beta

Genre: Action, Het, AU
Pairings or Characters: 10th!Doctor/Rose, 10th!Clone!Doctor/Rose, 9th!Doctor/Rose, 8th!Doctor/Rose
Warnings: Rose/Doctor, AU, 8th Doctor Movie, New Doctor Who (For 9th to 10th Doctors)
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, Plot, Characterization
Length: Multi-Chapter, Possibly Novelization, Unknown on word count... Just starting the story.
Short Summary: Days after Clone!Doctor is left on Pete's world and he's dieing, there are revelations made from which includes how to save him, but is the cure worse for Rose Tyler and the Doctor's relationship or a new beginning.
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Looking for a Beta

Genre: Drama; (some Action and h/c or "Doctor Whump")
Pairings or Characters: Eleven, Rose, 10.5 (Also: Martha, Jack, Amy, Rory, Gwen, John Hart)
Warnings: Nothing that hasn't already been seen in the show. One swear word half-way through.
Type of beta you'd like: Britpic; plot/canon. (I already have a grammar/spelling Beta so you wouldn't need to do nitpicky, time-consuming stuff.)
Length: Multi-chapter/Novel-length… 58,000 words
Short Summary: There are those who wish to hold the Doctor accountable for some of the things he has done primarily during his tenth incarnation. When the Metacrisis Doctor returns with Rose from the other universe, he is captured and put on trial for various crimes including genocide. Can Rose and Eleven save him? How does the case affect Eleven who is also, in effect, on trial? How does the unexpected return to the Tardis and to the original Doctor affect Rose?

Extra information: This story takes place during the beginning of the gap between the fifth and sixth seasons of New Who (June 26 - July 10, 2010). While the main genre is drama, this story is also an introspective look at decisions the Doctor has made in the past both with solving problems, and with how he treats those around him. It also looks at how both Doctors have developed since the metacrisis, each with very different circumstances and events shaping their characters.

If you would like to have an idea of my writing style, these are some stories I have written in the past:
Brown Coat
Move On
Stranded on the Shore This is most likely the closest in tone and writing style to the new fic, and some elements of 10.5 and Rose's relationship as explored here are inherited by the new fic. However, it is not necessary to read that story in order to read or beta the new one.
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Looking for a Scots dialogue checker

The fic in question will just be a little shortfic, under 400 words, gen and G-rated. The problem I am having is not knowing how to write Jamie's dialogue properly. I was trained against using phonetic accents, but have learned about Scots leid, which is not a phonetic accent but a language in its own right with its own standard, often with spellings that are closer to the original root of the word than the modern English standard.

Now, I could probably cobble together something distantly resembling Scots leid myself from the Wikipedia, but the second problem is that it's Lowland Scots, and Jamie is a Highlander, and as such would most likely speak Gaelic, unless he learned English elsewhere. If he's speaking Gaelic, the TARDIS would theoretically translate him to sound English, except maybe the TARDIS understood the unfortunate implications of that, and the importance of Jamie's Scottish identity which the English were trying to erase, and so...translated him with a Scottish accent? (My headcanon for why his accent sounds fake.) Alternately, he learned a combination of standard English and Scots English, which again, could explain why he sounds sort of in between.

There are only going to be a few lines in this fic, but I don't want to be culturally insensitive by either writing him in standard English and stripping him of his identity, or just randomly guessing with some phonetic spellings and an "och" here and there. I want him to be Jamie, and I want him to be Scottish. If there is a nice Scottish person who can take me by the hand and help me navigate this to get some version of Jamie's speech that is similar to that used in the show, but bears a resemblance (perhaps with telepathic TARDIS tinkering) to some kind of authenticity, I would be very grateful.

...this request is longer than the actual fic will be, just so you know.

Looking for a beta/story consultant

Genre: Action/Drama/Dark/Romance/AU
Pairings or Characters: Ten/Rose, Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, the Master, the Timelords, Jackie and Pete Tyler
Warnings: violence
Type of beta you'd like: plot, some canon (although this is an AU, I've used canon to base things on), continuity
Length: novel legenth, I hope to have at 30,000-50,000 words before I'm finished with it. It will be posted one chapter at a time, depending on how fast I can write a chapter.
Short Summary:  Gallifrey is somehow released from the time-lock, much to the Doctor's horror. Mickey and the others from the alternate reality contact the Doctor when Rose is mysteriously taken from her flat. Darkness or Hell begins the descend on the universe and our heroes must find a way to stop it and the Timelords before the universe is the cost of their failure.
Notes: I need a story consultant to help me work on a point of canon to get my story started. I have the rest of the story planned out but I'm having trouble with the beginning. I also need someone who is willing to work with me over Google Documents and instant messaging. I like to have feedback from the beta in relative time.


Looking for a Beta

Genre: Action/Crossover/Gen
Pairings or Characters: 11, Rory, Amy, + Nabari no Ou characters particularly Miharu and Shijima
Warnings: Spoilers for end of Nabari no Ou
Type of beta you'd like: style/pacing/grammar/punctuation/characterization. (I'm a fan of brutal honesty, so whatever you want to tell me I'll be glad to hear it)
Length: One-Shot (16,000 words)
Summary: Miharu wasn't expecting a blue box to appear in Thobari-sensei's backyard. But the strange people who come out of the box don't seem to be ninjas. And if they are they're even worse ninjas than he is.

Notes: This is a first person fic written for the crossbigbang. I'm not really sure how much Brit picking will be required since the narrator is Japanese. Mostly I'm looking for someone who's interest in finding out about a new fandom, but can help me flesh out the Doctor Who part of the crossover further. 
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Beta for a newbie

Genre: (Het/PWP/Smut/BDSM? not sure about this last one , but if it is included it will be rather light)
Pairings or Characters: 10th Doctor clone and Rose
Warnings: adult
Type of beta you'd like: (grammar/spelling/plot ( not much plot ,but you can look at it) /canon ) I really need some one to look over my spelling and grammar . I also need you to take a close look at how I handle dialogue. I am brand new to writing fanfiction and mostly clueless.
Length: (Stand-alone 2500 or so words) This is a major guess.
Short Summary: Rose and the clone Doctor work through the sexual aspect of their relationship after Rose’s luggage gets lost on a Torchwood assignment.

You can email me at 10dandr@gmail.com.

Beta search

Genre: Action/Humour/Horror
Pairings or Characters: First Doctor, Braxiatel, the Master
Warnings: Infant death
Type of beta you'd like: style/pacing. See below for details.
Length: 4 chapters plus epilogue: the pre-edited version came to just under 20k but I imagine it's shorter now.
Short Summary: There's being born, and then there's being born into a world with no adults, no clothes, no food and a terrifying alien Thing upstairs. When their Looms birth them straight into the middle of an emergency, can Our Heroes muddle through?

Notes: This fic is mostly through its first edit (Ch4 needs doing and Ch3 needs typing up), and I'm running into a familiar problem. Simply put, I can't write strong, immediate emotion. I thought I'd fixed it in editing, but I've just opened up Ch2 and been utterly shocked by how robotic the prose in one key section is. I'm looking for someone who can talk over this and similar problems, tell me what's working and what isn't, etc.
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Beta search

Genre: primarily romance and AU
Pairings or Characters: Martha/Frank (do not adjust your monitor; you are reading that correctly)
Warnings: spoilers for Season 3 (new)
Type of beta you'd like: While anything is appreciated, I really need help keeping the story to a reasonable length. This story actually sprung from an in-progress AU where Frank ends up travelling with Martha and the Doctor. I wanted to do a slice of life from that while still having it make sense on its own. I'd also like to keep this to a reasonable length, since I can drop 10K like it's nothing. If you were to read my fics, that would be the first thing you'd notice about them.
Length: stand-alone, currently at 3,000 or so words
Short Summary: What started as a respite for Frank became so much more when he found himself battling living suns and the Family. The Doctor looks to make things up to the young man and takes the three of them to visit a planet where he's befriended the royal family. Away from the chaos of the previous travels, Frank and Martha come to terms with how the travels have affected their relationship.
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In search of a beta

Genre: Crossover (Left 4 Dead), Humor, Adventure
Pairings or Characters: Implied Francis/Louis (blink and you'll miss it), Zoey, 11th Doctor. Amy and Rory do not make an appearance.
Warnings: Spoiler heavy for Doctor Who (Series 3 and 5)
Type of beta you'd like: I need someone to correct my outstanding number of grammar mistakes (I'm comma happy) as well as make sure the story itself makes sense. So someone who is skilled at correcting grammar and keeping a plot on track.
Length: One-shot (~8000 words)
Short Summary: Caught in between reality and limbo, the Doctor finds himself on an alternate Earth. Unfortunately, this Earth is beyond saving in its current state. It's been ravaged by a pathogen that has turned nearly the entire population in to monsters. But there is still hope; he stumbles upon three survivors who have held out and survived against all odds. The Doctor isn't sure he can save this version of Earth, but he's determined to at least save them.

This fic is for the L4D Big Bang, but you do not need to be familiar with L4D in any sense to read this fic.