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Doctor Who betas
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Putting beta readers and writers together in the Doctor Who community
The purpose of this community is for writers to find betas. Simply because betas make a story better. With such a wide variety of fic available in the Doctor Who fandom sometimes it can be hard to find a beta to fit your needs. This community will allow both betas and authors to post to it. A note to authors though: Do not post your fic to this community. You may fill out the form and look for a beta, but any fic and your post will be deleted.

As a note: You do not need to have filled out the beta form in order to respond to a request for a beta.

Beta readers looking to advertise:

Feel free to add as much information as you feel is necessary for your beta skills and strengths to come across. Implied within the first two sections is your familiarity with the accompanying Companions. Please make sure to specify if you can beta for the Fourth Doctor but not for Leela and any other such things.

Doctors you can beta for:
Doctors you can't beta for:
Sarah Jane Adventures:
Big Finish:
Genres you can beta:
Things you will not read/beta for:
Beta strengths:
Beta weaknesses:
Lengths of fic you are comfortable with:
Any other necessary information you want to add:

Authors looking for a beta:

The bare minimum that you should provide is this.

Genre: (Action/Humor/Drama/Crossover/Fluff/Babyfic/Slash/Gen/Het/Threesome/Moresome/Mpreg/Deathfic/PWP/Smut/BDSM/AU/RPS etc)
Pairings or Characters:
Type of beta you'd like: (grammar/spelling/plot/canon, etc…)
Length: (Drabble/Stand-alone/Multi-chapter/Novel-length… also include (estimated) number of words)
Short Summary:

Additional information you may choose to provide could be along the lines of what type of time line you're looking at, ficathon your story is for, or perhaps a link to previous works. Feel free to be a bit creative here as you want a beta to look at your post and decide to help you out. Just remember that any posting of your fic will get your post deleted.

Additional information:

Remember if you approach a beta they are under no obligation to say yes to you. Don't take it personally as there are many things that can cause a person to turn you down. Try someone else.

If you do not get any replies to your request for a beta please wait at least one month before reposting.

Please tag your post. It will significantly increase the chance of people finding who they need. If you feel a tag is not available that should be please contact me in regards to that. I'm sure I didn't put in somebody who is vitally important to someone. I'm sorry and I'll fix it as soon as you tell me who it is.


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