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Looking for a Scots dialogue checker

The fic in question will just be a little shortfic, under 400 words, gen and G-rated. The problem I am having is not knowing how to write Jamie's dialogue properly. I was trained against using phonetic accents, but have learned about Scots leid, which is not a phonetic accent but a language in its own right with its own standard, often with spellings that are closer to the original root of the word than the modern English standard.

Now, I could probably cobble together something distantly resembling Scots leid myself from the Wikipedia, but the second problem is that it's Lowland Scots, and Jamie is a Highlander, and as such would most likely speak Gaelic, unless he learned English elsewhere. If he's speaking Gaelic, the TARDIS would theoretically translate him to sound English, except maybe the TARDIS understood the unfortunate implications of that, and the importance of Jamie's Scottish identity which the English were trying to erase, and so...translated him with a Scottish accent? (My headcanon for why his accent sounds fake.) Alternately, he learned a combination of standard English and Scots English, which again, could explain why he sounds sort of in between.

There are only going to be a few lines in this fic, but I don't want to be culturally insensitive by either writing him in standard English and stripping him of his identity, or just randomly guessing with some phonetic spellings and an "och" here and there. I want him to be Jamie, and I want him to be Scottish. If there is a nice Scottish person who can take me by the hand and help me navigate this to get some version of Jamie's speech that is similar to that used in the show, but bears a resemblance (perhaps with telepathic TARDIS tinkering) to some kind of authenticity, I would be very grateful.

...this request is longer than the actual fic will be, just so you know.


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